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Thermal Experience

Our innovative thermal circuit includes an exclusive Himalayan salt room, Finnish sauna, eucalyptus steam room, experiential showers, cold room, herbal sauna and a seasonal outdoor pool. This unique interplay of hot and cold experiences strengthens and relaxes the immune system, nurturing mind, body and spirit for a truly restorative experience.

A rejuvenating treatment that stimulates and strengthens

We recommend that our guests allow at least 90 minutes to this unique thermal experience and we invite them to enjoy it prior to a treatment. Capacity is limited, and is on a first come first serve basis. Bathing suits are required.

$60 per person
$45 when combined with a treatment and for Hotel William Gray guests

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Salt therapy is renowned for detoxifying the respiratory system, alleviating asthma and allergies, improving skin conditions, and promoting sleep and wellness. Our exclusive salt room is lined with pure Himalayan salt blocks, with a halogenerator that circulates atomized salt particles in the air. The ambient lighting is kept low, to more closely replicate natural salt caves. The room is kept at a temperature of 20-22°C/68-72°F, with a humidity level of 30%.


This experiential shower has a range of pressures – from light mist to pulsating shower – and is ideal as a first step in your thermal circuit session, or for final cool-down. It utilizes an interplay of hot and cold, along with relaxing chromotherapy and rejuvenating aromas. Temperatures range from Cold (14°C/57°F) to Cool (18°C/64°F) to Tepid (23°C/73°F).


The hottest room in the thermal circuit (80-90°C/176-194°F, humidity level of 10-20%), our traditional Finnish sauna is excellent for relaxing muscles, soothing aching joints, relieving stress, and flushing toxins from the system.


Steam therapy is a natural way of boosting the metabolism, relieving pain and eliminating excess sodium. Our steam room emits a eucalyptus scent that helps soothe sore muscles, ease tension, and cleanse the nasal passages and lungs. This is a great detoxifier and cleanser. Temperatures range from 38-48°C/100-118°F, with a humidity level of 80%.


Our herbal sauna uses aromatherapy, known for reducing stress, boosting energy, aiding in healing, and strengthening the immune system. This room has a milder heat than that of a traditional sauna. Temperatures are 55-65°C/131-149°F, with a humidity level of 10-20%.


Perfect for cooling off after time in the sauna, steam room and herbal room. This room is kept at a chilly 2-4°C/36-39°F (humidity level: 55%), helping to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. For more intense cooling, crushed ice is at your disposal to further refresh yourself.

Relaxation Space

Dedicated to calm and serenity, our relaxation space provides a respite between hot and cold circuits. An important component of thermal therapy, relaxation allows your body and mind to return to a neutral state, and absorb the benefits of the thermal circuit. We invite you to visit the relaxation space before, during and after the thermal circuit.


Our one-meter-deep (three foot) outdoor pool is open from 8 am to 8 pm, depending on the season and weather. It’s equipped with therapeutic jets that stimulate blood circulation, reduce muscle tension and aid in overall relaxation. Four relaxing loungers are provided to help you soak up the sun; we provide towels and water. Note: pool is only open to thermal circuit guests.