specialized massages
to restore your harmony

Our specialized massages have been specifically designed to help you achieve total wellness and relaxation.

Massage therapies tailored to your unique needs

We are pleased to provide a wide range of massage therapies, from deep tissue massages to lymphatic drainage and prenatal massage. Guests also have the option of experiencing a massage on our warm quartz bed (fee), a rejuvenating experience that enhances a massage’s natural healing qualities.

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Deep Tissue

60 min $159 | 90 min $219| 120 min $269

By focusing on specific regions of the body, this therapeutic treatment is ideal for those with chronic problems in key areas. It uses firm pressure and slower strokes, using forearms, elbows, thumbs and knuckles, to penetrate and target the deepest layers of muscle, tendon and fascia. Helpful for alleviating chronic pain, restoring muscle health and accelerating healing.


60 min $159 | 90 min $219 | 120 min $269

An ideal massage if you are preparing for, or recovering from, intense physical activity. Using firm strokes and compression, this intense massage relaxes muscles, eases cramps and enhances performance. It also helps with injuries and over-use of muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage

90 min $219 | 120 min $269

Aids in detoxifying and eliminating waste. This light, pulsating massage drains the lymphatic tissues, helping stimulate the metabolism and reducing overall fatigue.

Pain Relief

60 min $199 | 90 min $249 | 120 min $289

A Swedish therapeutic massage that uses arnica and thermal mud on the back to create an energizing treatment that helps dissolves aches and strains.


60 minutes $159 | 90 minutes $219

This safe, restorative treatment is just for pregnant women and utilizes a gentle massage to reduce stress and provide deep relaxation. Available after the first trimester only.

Foot Reflexology

60 min $159

Using the ancient techniques of Chinese reflexology, this treatment focuses on acupressure points on the feet to stimulate the body’s healing system, ease discomfort and promote health.

Himalayan Hot Salt Stones

90 minutes $249 | 120 minutes $289

A full-body massage using pure Himalayan salt stones to detoxify, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system.

Quartz Poultice

60 minutes $219

This full body relaxation massage is performed on our heated quartz spa bed, and uses warm quartz poultices and fragrant oil to detoxify, release tension and restore energy flow.


60 min from $169

Facial remodeling massage. Use of certified Japanese techniques. Kobido helps to firm the facial skin and reconnects your body and mind. Drains the face and brings nutrients to your cells for a rested and plumped up face.


60 min from $310

Select the massage of your choice. This treatment is performed in a room with side-by-side beds, providing you and your partner with a shared, tranquil and rejuvenating experience.


On Quartz Bed


Experience the unique healing benefits of our signature quartz bed. The sand adapts to your body’s shape, helping detoxify, improve circulation, and reduce muscular tension.



Enhance your massage with your preferred blend of essentials oils for body and mind. We offer three aromatic blends for you to choose from: Aromasoul Mediterranean Blend (to detoxify, tone and energize), Aromasoul Arabian Blend (to calm, restore and strengthen) and Tranquility Blend (to relax and calm).

Aromasoul Volcanic Scrub

30 min $89

This treatment uses your choice of essential oil blend to get rid of dead skin cells and create smooth, silky and radiant skin.

Himalayan Hot Salt Stones


This incredibly soothing back treatment helps detoxify and rebalance the system, for the ultimate relaxation.

Thermal Mud and Arnica Pain Relief


This targeted back treatment helps relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation. An excellent therapy after sports or when faced with stress or fatigue.

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