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Luxurious Spa Rituals

At Spa William Gray, our spa rituals were meticulously designed to provide optimal tranquility and healing.

Restorative treatments that detox and revive

Our Spa Rituals include a special sound therapy program that promotes deep relaxation, as well as a Himalayan salt detox, pro sleep treatment, and face/body rituals that nourish and care for the entire body.

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Spa Wave

30 min $45 | 60 min $75

This treatment combines sound waves of curated music with a comfortable lying surface that integrates an extremely efficient vibration massage system. The acoustic and dynamic stimulation combine to reduce stress, calm the mind and improve sleep. After a registered therapist tucks you in a heated bed and places your headphones, you are left to disconnect and enjoy the relaxing, meditative benefits of this exceptional experience. Makes a great power nap and helps alleviate jet lag.


Our spa rituals integrate the healing elements of numerous therapies, providing maximum relaxation and curative benefits.

Himalayan Salt Detox Treatment

60 min $180

This ancient healing ritual begins with a soothing massage of warm Himalayan salt stones to promote relaxation and decrease stress. An aromatic oil scrub then detoxifies the body and stimulates the metabolism; followed by a warm shower and a nourishing hydration treatment. Reduces tension, and restores vitality and balance.

Tranquility Pro Sleep Treatment

60 min $175

Ideal for travelers or those who have problems sleeping, this multi-sensory treatment integrates a synergy of therapies, including sound therapy, essential oils, and both Ayurvedic and Indonesian techniques. Soft brushes are soaked in warm oil, then used to soothe and massage the body, guiding the way to tranquility, helping reduce jet lag and promote sleep.