This exclusive, luxurious treatment is unique to Spa William Gray, and offers a truly unsurpassed level of relaxation and rejuvenation. A highly recommended once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Based on ancient therapeutic rituals, the William Gray Signature Treatment provides an unparalleled level of physical and mental relaxation, stimulating the metabolism and purifying the system.

100 min $359

We have specifically designed this extraordinary experience to provide you with ultimate relaxation and restoration. Your treatment takes place on an innovative Gharieni heated bed, filled with warm quartz sand and draped with soft linens, which is moulded around your body to detoxify and release muscle tension. Our expert therapist lulls you into an even deeper state of relaxation through soothing acupressure and body massage, using a luxurious aromatic oil formulated to Ecocert guidelines, and the application of warm quartz-filled poultices.

The bed is then tilted so your feet are slightly higher than your head, providing a comforting, zero-gravity experience. You then receive an energizing and balancing foot massage with a Kansa Wand, an Ayurveda tool that releases negative energy and toxins. The bed is tilted in the other direction, and you are pampered with a relaxing and decongesting facial massage using quartz poultices, as well as a rejuvenating face mask, and both a scalp and hand massage.

Every detail of this treatment has been carefully created to dissolve aches and pains, release negative energy and toxins, calm the mind, and improve circulation. This is a transformative experience that provides benefits long after your treatment is over.

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