Spa William Gray's Green Touch

Energy saving icon


  • Installation of timers (lights and sauna)
  • Installation of LED lights
  • HVAC – use of heat pumps / heat exchanger
  • Automated thermostat controls
  • Carbon reduction measures
  • Use of “Energy Star” energy saving equipment (natural gas or electricity)
  • Closure of lights in unoccupied working spaces and banquet hall

Water conservation icon


  • Low-flow toilet bowls
  • Use of a motion detection flush in public bathrooms
  • Filtered water dispensers for guests and employees
  • Aerators and flow limiters on faucets
  • Biodegradable products (Choisy)

Waste reduction icon


  • Recycling of plastic and paper for employees and guests
  • Recycling of neon lights and batteries
  • Donation to charity for extra sheets, towels, tissue and toilet paper
  • Soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers

Electric charging station icon


  • Charging station for electric cars

Recycling training icon


  • Training employees on green measures and developing their commitment
  • Use of recyclable office supplies
  • Creation of an eco-social-responsible committee

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