Advanced Facials in Montreal’s Historic Quarter

All of our facials begin with a personalized consultation, ensuring your treatment is customized for your skin’s unique needs.

Advanced skincare that nurtures and heals

In addition to anti-aging and corrective treatments, we provide facials just for men, as well as facial enhancements such as eye treatments, lip masks, oxygen therapies and boosters.

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Soin Restructurant et Lissant

60 min $249

An excellent plumping booster, Soin Restructurant et Lissant promotes cellular renewal in order to truly recondition even the most fragile epidermises. Its liquid/powder duo combines regenerating and moisturizing active ingredients to smooth the skin’s microrelief. This helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines caused by dehydration, while boosting complexion radiance. Enriched with active ingredients, it restructures the skin and redefines facial contours. Tighter and firmer, the skin appears lifted.

Face Lift CVS

60 min $249

Lift CVS is a lifting and toning booster. Its exfoliating properties will purify the skin, boosting its radiance and luminosity. It will smooth and soften skin using a skin hydration regulator whose composition is similar to those in the NMF. It has an anti-aging effect that will restructure the face to fight sagging using a lifting product suitable for thick, sagging or lacking tone.

Peeling aux Acides de Fruits

60 min $249

Peeling aux Acides de Fruits is a booster with intense exfoliating and smoothing action. Its acidic pH formula (2.3) uses fruit and flower acids, which are exfoliants from natural origins. Working together, these acids smooth uneven areas on the skin such as wrinkles, fine lines or superficial marks (acne scars). With skin cells removed, the skin is regenerated and the complexion is once again radiant and bright.

Lotion MC 110

60 min $249

A skin renovating and plumping booster, Lotion MC 110 provides gentle exfoliation for a new skin effect. It progressively eliminates dead cells and impurities to improve skin texture and appearance. Features are smoothed while wrinkles and fine lines are plumped and visibly reduced. The skin appears fuller, regaining its radiance and uniformity.

VIP O2 Oxygenating Treatment

60 min $249

Thanks to its innovative micro-massaging texture and its unique formula, Booster VIP O2 is a revolution in facial treatments. It detoxifies and stimulates the epidermis to re-oxygenate skin tissue. The complexion is incredibly bright, and the “soft focus” is improved to add brightness and radiance to the skin.



Skin Regimen Express Treatment

30 min $90

A treatment that combines an anti-gravity massage technique with a blend of superfood ingredients, resulting in a visibly youthful face. Ideal for a quick glow post travel or before events.

Skin Regimen Longevity Treatment

60 min $140

Using a blend of superfood ingredients and anti-gravity massage, this treatment targets expression lines and wrinkles, leaving skin with a healthier, youthful appearance.

Sublime Skin Double Peel

60 min $145

An exfoliating treatment that uses lactic acid, AHA and vitamin C to exfoliate skin, reduce wrinkles and provide a glowing complexion. Great for targeting dullness and uneven skin tone.

Sublime Skin Active Lift

60 min $170

A ‘Kobido’ inspired massage technique is combined with a biphasic mask to regenerate cells and oxygenate skin. An excellent anti-ageing and lifting treatment.

Sublime Skin Deluxe Lift

75 min $190

Tightens and lifts, resulting in radiant, younger skin. Combines a ‘Double Peel’ facial with vitamin C, a biphasic mask and the ‘Kobido’ inspired massage.


Active Pureness Purifying Treatment

60 min $ 140

This deep cleansing facial removes excess oils, leaving skin fresh and radiant. Optional extractions for purification. 

Soothing Treatment

60 min $140

Ideal for people who are prone to redness or rosacea, this fragrance-free treatment soothes and protects, diffusing redness and leaving skin soft and nourished.

Deep Hydrating Treatment

60 min $140

Hydration and nourishment for dry, dehydrated skin, this treatment includes a specialized three-phase brush massage for ultimate relaxation. Add a Double Peel (25 min, $40) for deep exfoliation and illumination. Great after air travel, or during harsh weather.


Our Intraceutical treatments go well beyond traditional facials. These specialized treatments use pressurized oxygen as a catalyst to infuse hyaluronic acid – combined with specialized serum, antioxidants and vitamins – into the skin. They dramatically decrease fine lines and balance skin tones, targeting expression and stress lines. The result? A more youthful look almost immediately.

Hydrating Rejuvenate Treatment®

60 min $195

Uses vitamins and antioxidants to dramatically lift, tone and hydrate the skin. Targets the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and provides ultimate hydration.

Opulence Brightening Treatment ®

60 min $195

Botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C are combined to brighten and balance uneven skin tone, leaving your skin younger and more radiant.


These treatments are enhancements to our facials and cannot be booked alone.

Double Peel

25 min $40

An excellent addition to the ‘Active Pureness Purifying Treatment’, the Double Peel exfoliates and renews skin.

Deep Extraction

15 min $30

This deep cleansing treatment removes impurities and excess oils, and is great for targeting areas of specific concern.

Sublime Skin Anti-aging Eye Treatment

15 min $50

This hydrogel eye mask is enriched with peptides, reducing dryness and puffiness as well as dark circles and fine lines. A refreshing, immediate solution for signs of fatigue.

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